Quietly and with dignity, our beloved Silken left us one January morning. Our hearts ache at the loss, but we are very grateful to have been part of her life for so long.

Silken was so many things... the self declared 'Grande Dame' of our household, an wonderful mother, our children's companion, and a squeaky toy hog! There are so many pictures of her over the years and we'd like to share these few with you. She will never be forgotten.

Above at 6 weeks
Above at 4 months (left, with our son Jordan, right, stacked)
Above, a 'couch potatoe' at 6 months (left), with a whippet friend (middle) and gal pal Oksana (right)
Above left: Just a little pregnant! Above right, teaching one of her kids the ropes...
Silken was an outstanding mother... having puppies were one of her happiest times!
Above at 9+ years, still so active, alert, and Queen of the Castle :-)
She still patrolled her domain (above with younger brother Jagger), but much preferred the best sunny spots!
Silken and Glen have always shared a special bond between them, and he misses her very much.