December 1 2006 will be forever the day my heart was broken.

No one will ever really know what Sophie meant to me. She was my dearest friend, my confidant, my constant companion, my girl. There's such an emptiness in me knowing I'll never again see her bright eyes and beautiful face. She was taken from me without warning and I'm left with an awful sadness that won't go away.


I fell in love with you, my Sophie, the very first time I held you at 4 weeks old. I counted the days until Kelly said you could come home with me. You had a sparkle to your personality, an intelligence and a zest for life that never diminished as you aged. From an energetic, exhuberant puppy to an outgoing, fearless young lady and on to a regal and cherished old companion , you molded yourself to my life so completely you became a part of me. You were so intuned to me there were times I forgot you were a dog.

Your life changed my life...puppy classes, conformation classes, the show ring, the whelping box, our walks, trips in the van, snuggling on the couch. You made me so proud with your grace and elegance. You comforted me with your quiet presence during times of sadness, you celebrated with me in happy times, but it was daily life that you made so much better just by being here. They say we have only a few 'Great Loves' througout the course of our lives. You were absolutely one of mine.

Other danes came but there was always that special something with you, that hard to describe connection that we had. You were meant to live your life with me and I can't imagine a better companion.

I wanted so badly for you to leave me quietly and with dignity the way you lived your life. To leave comfortable in your own home, not painfully, tragically. I'm angry that this was not to be. You deserved so much more.

I still can't bring myself to say goodbye to you my Soph, the pain is so sharp and I miss you so terribly my chest aches. I miss smelling the top of your head, feeling the softness of your muzzle, whispering my secrets to you. I wish with all my heart I could have just one more day with you for I would spend every second of it with you.


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