Something about Tasi....
Tasi was always special. As a puppy there was no doubt she was staying here with us.

I have always preferred males & we usually have more boys then girls in our home, but Tasi was special. In a lot of ways she was very doggy in her personality & so very clever. Everyone who met her, loved her. I miss her dancing for her supper and every time her son Trick does this he reminds me of her.

We also take great pleasure in her great grandchildren who over the Fall we have watched grow. Their antics & sweetness have taken some of the sting out of watching Tasi slip away. We will miss those beautiful big brown soulful eyes that always knew what we were thinking. Tasi just knew what I wanted, I think she either learned English over her 10 ½ yrs with us or just learned to read our needs & wants. You could simply tell her something & she would do it. I loved taking her places, I was always so proud of her quiet beauty & wonderful temperament.

Her son Mojo reminds us of her for many of those things. He is also a wonderful 'puppy minder' as was Tasi, patient & gentle with all things. Although it broke our hearts to say good-bye to her I am glad she was with us until the end, feeling ever safe in our arms.

I could tell you about her show record, but it wasn't so much the wins (and she had many a great win; multiple Best Puppy in Show wins, a Best in Specialty Show in Kansas City from the classes and a Best Specialty Show at the Canadian National only 8 weeks after whelping a litter of 8), it was the joy, pride and fun we had as a team. My girl would do anything I asked of her, whether it was stare at a piece of bait to impress a judge or, towards the end, leave a draining tube in her chest in place because I asked her too. We didn't need words, we trusted each other. When I fell illl it was her head on my chest to comfort me and now in her absence it is her sons.

Thank you God for giving me all these great dogs, to love and enjoy, to travel with andspend our lives with and yes to break our hearts in the end. I miss Tasi so much but see her in the wonderful kids andgreat grandkids she has left behind.


"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily & often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way"

Tasi we love you and miss you so very much :-(
Glen, Kelly, Jessica & Jordan

We are honoured to share our memories of our wonderful girl with you...